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Motorola MOSCAD-LMODHUB rack-mounting kit

Motorola MOSCAD-M

The smallest member of the MOSCAD family. Its non-expandable design provides an adequate sampling of the most used inputs & outputs while retaining most of the capabilities of MOSCAD.

Motorola MOSCAD-M
( Motorola )
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MOSCAD-M is the smallest member of the MOSCAD family. Although small in size, it is powerful and affordable, satisfying a wide range of remote monitoring, control, and data transfer applications. It is especially suitable for SCADA systems where low power consumption (i.e. solar power) is essential.

MOSCAD-M Features


  • Dual functionality

    Provides the features of both a Remoter Terminal Unit (RTU) and a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). If the application loaded into the CPU is simple, then MOSCAD-L functions as an RTU; if the application implements a decision-making code, then MOSCAD-L functions as a PLC.

  • Diverse Connectivity

    Plug-in specialized I/O modules provide connectivity to digital and analog sensors and provide relay and analog outputs. Connectivity via RS-232 and RS-485 ports capable of serial data communication is also available.

  • Motorola Data Link Communication (MDLC) Protocol

    A modern and powerful data communications protocol, is based on the International Standards Organization's seven-layer protocol recommendation. It was created to be particularly robust on crowded, shared two-way radio communication circuits. Its seven-layer OSI/ISO compatible structure allows powerful networks functions.

  • Space efficiency

    MOSCAD-M is designed to be installed within equipment enclosures provided for pre-existing equipment, already at your site.

  • Diverse networks supported

    MOSCAD-M commonly uses two-way radio for the communication channel. Operation on conventional, trunked, CDPD, or other specialized communication networks is supported. When two-way radio is not preferred, dial-up or leased wireline or Ethernet (10-base-T Intranet) communications is supported.

  • Network adaptability

    Connects directly to VHF, UHF, 800 and 900 MHz trunked and conventional radios.

  • Programmability

    MOSCAD-M are tailored to satisfy your specific system requirements. Typical applications include remote monitoring and control of valves and pumps, monitoring of tank levels, pipeline cathodic protection, rain and flood, environmental pollution, chemical spill, radioactive radiation, and more.

  • Power Management

    In Power Save mode, a unique capability essential for battery or solar-powered remote sites, low power consumption is achieved by providing power only to the circuits and elements activated by an application program.