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MODHUB 16-port powered card cage, flange mounted (120 V 50/60 HzMotorola MOSCAD-L

Motorola MOSCAD-IP Gateway

The product used to transport data between the MOSCAD-enabled wide-area-network and the system operator’s/engineer’s computer LAN.

Motorola MOSCAD-IP Gateway
( Motorola )
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The MOSCAD-IP Gateway is the bridge element between the MOSCAD radio-based Wide Area Network (WAN) and the computer system's Local Area Network (LAN). The IP Gateway plugs into the standard LAN of your Ethernet-based SCADA system and allows wide area coverage utilizing a single or multiple communication media.

MOSCAD-IP Features

  • Up-to-date information

    Via the IP Gateway, the control center has instant access to a large number of MOSCAD RTUs and can gain up-to-date information.

  • Connectivity

    One or two ports on the IP Gateway may be used for communications with MOSCAD field RTUs via different physical media and utilizing different data speeds. MOSCAD ToolBox Programs, running on a PC computer, may also be connected to the IP Gateway.

  • Motorola Data Link Communication (MDLC) Protocol

    MDLC, the seven layer protocol used by MOSCAD that conforms to the ISO recommendation for Open System Interconnection (OSI). Designed for on-radio use, MDLC makes simultaneous Host-to-RTU, RTU-to-Host, and RTU-to-RTU data sessions possible.

  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

    Contains a Management Information Base (MIB), which will convert the MOSCAD MDLC protocol to SNMP when required. This capability is normally used in Network Management systems. In other systems, an Application Program Interface is provided to help the server-vendor or system integrator write an interface between the server or the primary workstation and the Gateway.