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KoolSpan Trustchip2 high speed channels with multiProtocolsupport with 100 Mhz P75
LAN Govenor DL
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LAN Govenor DL

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Governing the WAN bandwidth utilized by an Ethernet LAN enables the reservation of WAN bandwidth for time sensitive real time connections such as those required by Video Conferencing, Voice Over IP and T1/E1 Over IP applications.

Rate Governing is applied in one direction to minimize latency. The traffic from the non real time LAN is data rate limited. The traffic from the WAN is bridged to the non real time LAN without passing through the data rate limiter.

The LAN·GOV isolates the real time critical application data from traffic overloading which can cause process saturation. The traffic that is forwarded is limited to only the traffic that is destined for the remote location by a standards based spanning tree bridging protocol.



Wireless Ethernet:

Wireless Ethernet bridges typically do not implement a method to ensure that the real time connections have priority. The LAN GOV provides a straight forward method to ensure real time data delivery across wireless links.

Wide Area Networks:

Enterprises, Education, Government Agencies and Organizations are able to deploy LAN GOVs to restrict network segments utilization of Wide Area Network Bandwidth.

Service Providers:

Unrestricted Ethernet connections provided by networking service providers enable subscribers to overburden the Service Providers network. The LAN·GOV enables service providers to limit a subscriber to a committed information rate.

Governing Data Rate Versus Quality of Service: 

Quality of Service

Quality of service in complex networks is cumbersome. QOS needs to be performed at each transitions from high to lower bandwidth in the packet path. Access to routers or switches in the link that are maintained by different organizations can be restricted.

Data Rate Governing 

Governing general traffic bandwidth is straight forward and easy to implement. Data rate configuration is setup at each end of the link to guarantee the real time data rate requirements.

Transparent Interconnect: 

The LAN GOV transparently monitors all the packet traffic on each of its LAN segments to determine whether the packets it receives are to be forwarded. The Ethernet MAC layer source addresses that are active on each LAN are stored in a filtering database. Packets with a MAC destination that do not match a MAC address entry for the receiving port are forwarded.

Ease of Installation: 

To be operational the LAN GOV requires the configuration of the data rate. Configuration is performed through a Command Line Interface that is accessed through a console port or with Telnet.

Technicial Specifications: 

  • LAN Network Interface:
    • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Port
    • Auto-negotiate or Configured
  • Speed/Duplex
    LAN Network Protocols Supported:
    • IP, TCP, ICMP
  • TFTP Online Upgrade Capable
    • Fully operational during upgrade
  • Management:
    • Telnet with Edit and Paste Templates
    • Console Port for Out of Band Management
    • SNMP support (MIB I, MIB II)
    • Remote configuration, monitoring, & reset
  • Regulatory:
    • Safety -IEC60950
    • EMC - CFR 47 Part 15 Sub Part B:2002
    • CE
  • Power:
    • 12-24 VDC 1.0A
    • International Adapter
    • Optional -48V 0.25 Amp
  • Dimensions:
    • 9" (L) x 7" (W) x 1.50" (H)
How to Order:
Part No Description Notes 
 040-1045  LAN•Gov 
 -ROHS  ROHS compliant materials and processes Restriction of Hazardous Substances no Pb
 Power Options  Specify as suffix
-DCMOD Power Supply Module 12/26 VDC ADP CON Ships with Universal Adapter 90/240 50/60
 -WIREDC Power Supply Module 12/26 VDC Screw Term 
 -N48VDC Power Supply Module Negative 48 Volt DC Isolated Negative 48 Volt Power
  Hot Standy Configuration Specify an additional Power Module Suffix
 Rack Mount Option  Specify as suffix
 -RACKMNT 19" Wide Rack Mount Brackets Enclosure Nut Serts Installed