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Isolated 4-port RS232/RS422/RS485 serial Hub, power from USB b 4 high speed and multi-protocols WAN HDLC communication channe
4 high speed and multi-protocols WAN HDLC communication channels
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4 high speed and multi-protocols WAN HDLC communication channels

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Product Overview: 

The WAN-HDLC/4C (Compact PCI) board enabled heterogeneous protocol links to be established and administered while using a very low part of the host system’s resources. Thanks to the Windows NT and Windows 2000 device drivers and to the Win 32 communication APIs, these cards are very simple to install and highly flexible to use

Designed to last, the WAN-HDLC/4C board have been built to withstand and operate in the most rugged environment and demanding conditions (Telecom systems for navy vessels, radar data management at civil and military airfields, railway systems, network traffic analysis, high bandwidth telecommunications, etc.). 

Product features:

  • 4 serial WAN HDLC 4 Mbps channels
  • Synchronous & asynchronous protocols
  • HD64570 serial communication controllers
  • Buit-in timers, DMA and 32 bytes FIFO per channel
  • Built-in multi-protocols software
  • Frames & events dating system based on a 32 bit timer/counter, 100 uS resolution (PCI & Compact PCI boards)

Protocols handling is achieved by an on board dedicated microprocessor with huge local memory to reduce the host CPU overhead.

The WAN-HDLC boards makes it possible to control simultaneous & heterogeneous multi-Protocollinks.Windows NT & Windows 2000 drivers as well as the Win 32 communication API confers setting simplicity and using flexibility to this solution.

These boards are designed for a use in harsh environments (navy telecommunication, radar data management for civil and military airports, railway systems, network traffic analysis, high speed telecommunication …).

Built-in protocols:

HDLC/SDLC raw mode, HDLC ABM/LAPB, HDLC NRM/SDLC, X25, MONOSYNC, BISYNC, BSC, transparent mode, AHDLC (asynchronous HDLC ISO/IEC 13239), asynchronous synchronised, asynchronous, call us for other protocols.

Serial electricial interface:

Programmable multimode serial interface (RS232, RS422, RS485, V11, V28, V35, X21).

Serial connectors:

Hydra cable (SUB D62 to 4 SUB D25).

OS Drivers:

Windows NT & Windows 2000, XP, LINUX, let us know if you are looking for other OS.

Windows programming:

Standard Win32 communication API.