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IP Tube V35 HS
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IP Tube V35 HS

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Transparent Bandwidth Regulated IP Tunnel:

The IPTube-V35 HS encapsulates synchronous serial data from Data Terminal Equipment such as Encrypters, Terminal Servers, Video Codecs and WAN Routers into IP packets. The IP connection provides for the transparent interconnection of DTEs via LANs, WANs, MANs, Satellite and Wireless Ethernet. The size and frequency of the IP packets can be set to bit rates from 2.4 Kilobits per second to 2.048 million bits per second with N times 2.4K, 56K and 64K clocking. WAN Protocols, such as PPP and Frame Relay, that utilize HDLC framing are able to be encapsulated with HDLC Over IP.

Encrypted Data Over IP 

IPTube-V35 HS provides for the leveraging of existing Communications and Information Security (COMSEC and INFOSEC) products, such as KIV7s. Secure electronic communication, high-grade encryption and decryption equipment that is being used in space and other sensitive digital communication environments can be interconnected over IP services. KIV 7 Data over IP with the IPTube-V35 HS is a very economical solution that leverages a proven installed base.


WAN Data Over IP

IPTube-V35 HS provides a transparent bandwidth regulated IP Tunnel for interconnecting remote Networks. WAN Protocols, such as PPP and Frame Relay, that utilize HDLC framing are encapsulated with HDLC Over IP. Broadband Service providers are able to transport Enterprise Wide Area Network connections with inband management of the Committed Information Rates. The IPTube-V35 HS's IP Tunnel can also be utilized as a secondary path for fault tolerant mission critical applications.


Technicial Specifications:

  •  LAN Network Interface:
    · One 10BaseT Ethernet
  • LAN Network Protocols Supported:
  • V.35 Data Communication Equipment
    · DCE or DTE Versions Available
    · 2.4k to 2.048 Megabit per second data rate
        · N times 2.4K Clock Mode
        · N times 56K Clock Mode
        · N times 64K Clock Mode
    · DB25 to V.35 MBlock Adapter Required
  • V.35 0ver IP Protocol:
    • SyncSerial Over IP
    • Circuit Extension Over IP - CESOIP
    • HDLC Over IP - HDLCOIP
  • Quality of Service:
    · Configurable IP Type of Service Bits
    · IANA Registered UDP Port 3175
  • TFTP Upgrade Capable (Flash ROMs):
    · IPTube is operational during upgrade
  • Management:
    · Telnet support with Edit and Paste Templates
    · Console Port for Out of Band Management
    · SNMP support (MIB I, MIB II)
    · Remote configuration, monitoring, & reset
  • Console Port:
    · RJ45 to DB9 Female DCE adapter shipped with product. Enables direct connection to Com1.
  • Power:
    · 24VAC, 1.0A; International Adapters Available
    · 24-36 VDC Optional
    · -48 VDC Optional
  • Dimensions:
    · 9.3" (L) x 7.3" (W) x 1.50" (H)
Back Panel:

Console Port Connector · RJ 45 to DB 9 Female Adapter provided V35 HS DCE Interface for connection to Synchronous Serial Interfaces - Encryptors, WAN Routers, Video Codecs.


  •  Standard 10BaseT Ethernet interface
  • DB25 to V.35 MBlock Adapter Available