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EIS 6 port Copper plus Fiber (single-mode) SC connectorsEISBM 24 port Copper Switch
EIS 6 port Copper plus Fiber (multimode) ST connectors
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EIS 6 port Copper plus Fiber (multimode) ST connectors

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Product Features:

  • 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/ 100BASE-FX compliant
  • Shielded RJ-45 connectors
  • Auto-negotiated data rate, duplex flow control on twisted-pair ports
  • Full- or half-duplex
  • Broadcast storm control (user-controllable on most units)
  • Multimode or single-mode fiber
  • Wide-range, low-voltage AC or DC powered
  • Redundant power connections
  • Numerous troubleshooting LEDs
  • DIN-rail or panel mount
  • Industrial environment EMC compatible
  • CE Mark
  • UL 508 and UL 1604 Class I, Division 2 Listed

Product Overview:

UL 1604 covers electrical equipment and accessories for controlling various industrial equipment in hazardous locations. Class I hazardous locations are those where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to the presence of flammable gases, vapors, or flammable liquids. Such equipment has been investigated for risks to life and property in accordance with these standards:

\"\"ANSI/ISA-12.12.01 — Nonincendive Electrical Equipment
\"\"ANSI/NFPA 497 — Flammables and Hazardous Locations
\"\"NFPA 70 — National Electrical Code, Articles 500, 501 & 505
\"\"UL 508 — Industrial Control Equipment

The EISM5-100T and all models of the EIS Series of Industrial Ethernet switching hubs qualify for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations (Groups A, B, C, D). The EIS8-100T provides eight twisted-pair ports that use shielded RJ-45 connectors. Other models in the series offer four such ports and combine switching technology with fiber optics when longer networking distance or immunity to EMI/RFI is important. These benefits result in decreased downtime, fewer outrages and improved reliability.

For industrial applications requiring a fiber backbone, three models in the EIS Series offer two fiber-optic ports to continue the backbone. Two models accommodate multimode fiber cable: the EIS6-100T/FC uses SC connectors while the EIS6-100T/FT has ST connectors. For single-mode fiber cable, the EIS6-100T/FCS provides SC connectors.

Three models in the EIS Series are available to terminate a fiber backbone where just one fiber port is needed. Two units support multimode fiber cable: the EIS5-100T/FC uses SC connectors, the EIS5-100T/FT has ST connectors. For single-mode fiber cable, the EIS5-100T/FCS offers one port with SC connectors.

Switching hubs segment the Ethernet network into separate collision domains. Each funtions as a "bridge" between various data links, creating a larger network diameter than can be achieved with repeating hubs. Each port automatically negotiates with its attached device the data rate (10 or 100 Mbps) and duplex (full- or half-) for that port. The flow control mechanism is also negotiated. For Full-duplex segments, the PAUSE scheme is used. For  half-duplex segments, the backpressure approach is automatically invoked. Table port locations of Ethernet devices are aged to automatically accommodate changes to the field wiring. If a broadcast, multicast or unicast transmission to an unknown destination is received on a port, all other ports are flooded with the transmission.

All models feature wide-range, low-voltage AC or DC power requirements and broadcast storm protection (which is jumper-selectable in the EIS Series). EIS models can be DIN-rail or panel mounted while the EISM5-100T mounts only on DIN-rail. To aid troubleshooting, each device provides LED indicators for data rate, activity, link integrity and power. Each EIS unit also offers an LED indicator for loop detection.

Technicial Specifications:

Ports Copper twisted-pair
Fibre 1300nm
Number of ports 8 or 4
0, 1 or 2
Interface 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
 10/100 Mbps 100Mbps
 Auto-negotiated data rate and flow control  
Shielded RJ-45
SC (on multimode or single-mode models)
  ST (only on multimode models) 
Maximum segment length 100m
2km (multimode) optical budget 13dB
  15km (single-mode) optical budget 19dB 
Flow control  Half-duplex (backpressure)
  Full-duplex (PAUSE 
Aging  215 to 322 seconds