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2 lines RS232, connectors SUB D9 points male, universal bus4 line board RS232 (4 SUB D9 male, distributed over 2 plates)
2 lines RS422/485, connectors SUB D9 points female, universal bu

2 lines RS422/485, connectors SUB D9 points female, universal bu

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Product overview: 

Featuring state-of-the-art communication controllers (UARTS), the xRSUNI range reduces ost CPU loading by up to 75% compared with existing PCI boards. This level of performance is made possible by the full-scale PCI interface integrated in the UARTS, unlike traditional architectures.

The 128 byte per channel FIFO buffer memory means the boards can manage multiple communication lines at much higher rates than traditional boards, and ensures the reliability of received data. A high resolution baud rate generator can handle custom transmission rates besides the standard rates (up to 1.8 Mbps).

The xRSUNI range offers ease of use in all PCI based computers (PCI & PCI-X) regardless of the bus power supply (+3.3VDC / +5VDC) and whether the form factor is standard profile or low profile MD1).

 In RS485 mode, line turn-around is usually software-controlled, a fact which often leads conflicts. The xRSUNI board performs automatic line turn-around to guarantee optimal performance in RS485 mode, independently of the baud rate or operating system.


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Product Features:

  • Serial multiport communication board with 2, 4 or 8 asynchronous serial ports
  • Supports all PCI form factors & environments: SP, LP MD1, PCI 3.3V, PCI 5V, PCI-X
  • High performance : RS232 1 Mbps or RS422/RS485 1.8 Mbps, 1 Mbps for the isolated  RS422/485 model
  • 128 bytes receive and transmit FIFOs
  • PCI "Plug & Play" board
  • RS232, RS422 or RS485 line interface with & without
  • isolation depending to models
  • Very high reliability, M.T.B.F. > 10e6 P.O.H.
  • Automatic line turn-around for the RS422/RS485 model

xRSUNI range offers high reliability, simplicity of installation and unequalled performances whatever your PCI computer owns a +3.3VDC or +5VDC bus power supply and whatever it is a standard or a low profile model.

They are designed to be installed in machines whose CPU is not overloaded or for real time applications when the time latency for signals control or characters sending is very critical.

xRSUNI boards uses communication controllers of last technology (silicon built-in 32 bits PCI Interface and UART), 128 bytes buffer for each receive and transmit channel. These features make it possible to reduce the host CPU load by more than 75% compared with the traditional solutions and allow the card to reach a 1,8 Mb/s data rate on each channel.

This communication solution is perfectly suited "Point of Sales" applications in order to connect tickets printers, scanners, bar code readers, cash registers and all other peripherals used in this area.

However, xRSUNI cards can be used in industrial applications to connect sensors, measurement systems,automats and all other serial peripherals used in the field of automation.

The xRSUNI range feature a very high level of protection against electrostatic discharges and overvoltage. Its exceptional MTBF (10e6 POH) enables us to practise for all the products of this range a lifetime warranty (except isolated model).


  • Cf table of references to order.


  • RS232 mode: TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, DSR, DCD, DTR, RI
  • RS422 mode: TxDa, TxDb, RxDa, RxDb
  • RS485 mode: +Tx/Rx, -Tx/Rx

Opto isolation RS422/RS485 module:

4RSUNI-400-I SP & LP configurations are built-in arround the 4RSUNI-232 SP & LP boards, without hydra cable, one 4 RS422/485 isolated ports (BP400-ISO is added), characteristic follows: 


  • 2500 V line optical isolation
  • 15 KV ESD protection
  • 5 points screew-in terminal for RS422/RS485 (per line)
  • Line maximum speed:
  • Line polarization and line terminating resistors selectable by switches
  • External AC power supply (85-264VAC)
  • Signalling LEDs for TX, RX & power supply
  • 5-year warranty 


Driven by BIOS PCI (no switches), easy installation.

Operating systems supported:

Windows & Linux.


Connection of all serial peripherals (Industrial Informatics, Industrial Automation, Access Control, Transport Ticket Machines, DAB/ GAB Bank Systems, Point of Sales Terminals).